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Welcome to Elite Sports Professional Athlete

Developing Pro Athletes from the Inside Out

Elite Sports Services (ESS) has worked with athletes over several decades and employs a proven process for professional athletes designed to help create healthy and productive careers. We help take elite athletes to the next level.

ESS consults with professionals across their entire career span, including those getting ready to enter into professional ranks. ESS provides a comprehensive service, emphasizing qualities important on and off the field. We begin with a wide range of assessment of cognitive, physical, and personal skills. With these assessments we begin to craft a personalized program for each of our athletes.

ESS educates our athletes on important issues, including brain health, habits and personal skills.  We set specific goals.  We implement our innovative and exclusive cognitive sports training to enhance skills like spatial and peripheral recognition, attention, reaction speed, anxiety management and memory. The outcome is to produce elite athletes of character and competence in their sport, relationships and life.